Cooperation Protocols

Dear Iulia,


thanks for all the information. WE have organised an other meeting with the practitioners the 4th of February. At the moment we have only 4 working group: Biomass, biogas, SME–ecolabel and Energy efficiency in building. Maybe we will organise an other practitioner meeting in March during the European Sustainable Energy Week. If you can give me more details about your interest in IEE projects I can sent you more information.


I try to call you but your number does not work, if you need more information do not hesitate to contact me.


Have a nice day


Daniela Mazzarino   


Regione Toscana

Rond Point Schuman, 14

1040 Bruxelles

tel. 0032 2 2868565

fax 0032 2 2868568



Dear Daniela,


As i promised i send you the documents of the Repap 2020, Conference from Romania,project managed by European renewable energy council, EREC, please find enclosed the informations. We discuss in detail the conference results it was very interesting, as we know, every member state has his one RESstrategy, for instance Germany, Sweden forecasts to develop a surplus strategy This is very interesting for the strategy and road map of the other members states


Daniela for the efficiency of the relations in the intelligent energy projects, managed by your Intelligent energy working group i send you the details of the partner from Romania, SC PIVEX SRL which will sub-contract some parts of the project activities to the folowing institutions with wich has prefered agreements:


Dear Daniela,
We prepare this days the road map for RES for Romania,as you know every member state must deliver till june 2010, his road map, practically the RES Strategy.
Very good to know that European Renewable Energy Council annouced in Romania
the target of excedent for Germany and Sweden in this field,
i am now in the working group for preparing the road map and gathering informations for all sectors, biomas, wind, sun. Today i have participated also in the Ministery of Economy
to the structural funds days, meetings and open questions adressed to the Ministry
Till now the wind projects are best possitioned, in the field of biomass we have discussions for the green certificates, and a open letter was sent to the European Comission
from the Romania `s Concil of Concurence. For instance in this moment wind has competitive advantage in comparation with biomass, green certificates 1-3, compared with
green certificates 1 -1. The Council of Concurence are waiting response from the
European Comission in relation with the green certificates application
HG 1479, or law 220 for green certificates, this is a very hot topic of current discussions
I the field of eolian, solar, biomas, enegetic crops, SC Pivex has research collaboration for assessing the energetic potential for all regions of Romania. 
I give you my number from Romania, 0040785492530, i am in Bukarest now
 i fly to Bruxelles and Munich we will discuss in detail, 
From the experience of RES strategy, SC Pivex, wich was implied in gathering informations
we gained experience in relation with the major biomass company
i can give you pertinent analysis made in the field of biomass in Romania.
Today  at the ministery we have build relations with Butangas,
For Energy audit of buildings, and energy efficiency in building SC Pivex signed contract with Universite Technique de Constructions, for representing them in collaborations
in IEE consortium, and they will sub-contract from SC Pivex Srl
For energy efficiency in buildings we prepare now together with Constructions University
a project, and SC Pivex`s interests are in the field of biomass, energy efficiency in buildings
Kind regards
Iulia Platona