Pivex Joint Programming Committee


Establishment of Pivex long-term vision with clear objectives, corelated with policies & measures applicable to the Pivex Integrated Sustainable investments SIE Pivex Black Sea The vision: towards Pivex Smart Grid  sustainable energy future, Setting objectives and targets PIVEX SMART GRID POS TRANSPORT SKY

Pivex Smart Grid J5 1626 intention is to invite for partnership with the Pivex Sky project  eligible beneficiary Oradea Airport Consortiun


inviting for partneership  with the society Pivex Smart Grid Romanian Commerce Register J5/1626/201

 presented with the support of the European Commission in Georgia  

the electricity gas initiative Pivex Black Sea Caspian , with the participation of the Ministeries and Embassies in the Black Sea Caspian Region

the buyers are respectfully invited to send partnership offer to the email adress president@pivexplatformblacksea.eu Iulia Platona


Iulia Platona being involved in Pivex societies producing renewable energy and ecologic agriculture 

Pivex Smart Grid Societies President Iulia Platona, sends respectfuly invitation in cluster partnership in Pivex smart houses reuniting research partnerships, solar, wind  industry producers 

interested stakeholders https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2zs5bXpvVw4b19DdHE0TGY1ZVk/edit

together with business turistic activities

Pivex Platform agriculture projects are dedicated to the 3 regions


Pivex Ecologic Agricuture Farming Cluster for replicating ecology projects 

binding renewable energy land use with agriculture use, the renewable energy production being in concordance with the ecologic friendly envinroment  


It becomes more and more evident the role played by the Pivex Smart Grid

Black Sea in the EU energy security field from the perspective of the

multiple stakes in this basin (hydrocarbon reserves, location on the

Caspian hydrocarbon transportation route, cooperation platform in the

renewable energy field between the neighbouring states). 

The Wider Black Sea Region will continue to be in the centre of the geopolitical and geostrategical interests of the key world actors involved in the energy security field Iulia Platona

Contact  president@pivexplatfomblacksea.eu    

President Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Iulia Platona

 Pivex Smart Grid Conference Center Brussels  is ment to be the Pivex Smart Grid technic, energetic,working gropus Entsoe Entsog oil, gaz,

energy, electricity  projects documentations, regarding EIB, Connecting Europe Funding Pivex Smart Grid.

 President Iulia Platona Pivex Smart Grid


Pivex Smart Grid respects the EU procedures, the EU Entsoe; Entsog Pivex Smart Grid

Network Code, being the only fidelity proven long term partner EU in

the post Vilnius EU experience, beeing the true link the succeded in

Black Sea, Danube; Mediterranean Investments Synergy towards its neighbours is today very clear:encouraging the

democratisation, stabilisation and Europeanization process through enlargement and integration in the Western Balkans area, but also in the

special contribution in developing an EUstrategy for Black Sea. The initial competition between the Black Sea Synergy and the ENPI was overcomed

and Romania considers them to be complementary initiatives,for further improvement.

It should be also taken in account the significance of the frozen conflicts. Be they now called unsolved conflicts or frozen conflicts, they put under pressure

and under constant alert both the countries in the region, and also the European community. The experience of last years in Georgia, Ucraine

are perfect reminder that these conflicts have a high potential of shaking up theregional stability.

Energy is progressively linked to the concepts of national security and environment an climate change. EU has taken the lead in energy efficiency.

Although the concept energy security is not very well defined; it is an instrument of power politics. Energy debate generally focuses on oil and

gas, though there is an increased interest now in new technologies, In the Black Sea region, there is too much emphasis on the pipelines routes



easy to adapt implementation tool wich corespond to the investements.

The High Level Participation within European Parliament Conference,

*Very Respected Sirs, South Stream Conference,

European Parliament Conference 4 december 2013, concluded the necesite to renegociate the consortium,

updating, upgrading respecting the european network code Entsog,

Pivex Smart Grid fullfilled the stakeholders involvement, EC procedures consultations, regarding European Network Code Entsoe Entsog,

Transmiting to the very respected South Stream  Consortium Members the Upgrade Update Pivex Smart Grid Entsog fullfilled stakeholders involvement 2009-2013 Regarding european network code.









      In force entry implementation Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Pivex

      Onshore& Offhore Grid Pivex Black Sea Mediterranean

      Oil Gaz Energy Supervision Pivex Memorandum of Understanding 25

      March 2013,stakeholders involvement Eusew 2009-2013, transparently

      presented with  support of European Commission

Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea investments synergy /established by

Iulia Platona, PIVEX BSENTSO-E (PIVEX Black Sea European Network for

Transmission System Operators) & national TSOs  regional cooperation

within PIVEX BSENTSO-E related grid development Pivex Smart Grids Black

Sea J05/1464/1996, Pivex Smart Grid J05/1626/2012 investment plan

coordination. PIVEX BSENTSO-E working groups.One of the Pivex activities

is offshore developments (operational, market, regulatory). Planning

issues will be dealt in the Pivex Black Sea regional group  System

Development committee, which works for t TSO-related offshore grid

development in the Black Seas Synergy http://www.pivexplatformblacksea.eu


Grid Information Day Discover the trans energy European

Energy Infrastructure for tomorow European Commission DG Energy Eusew 2013,

25 june 2013 Charlemagne, Lord Jenkins


Pivex Smart Grid Smart City presented the respected criteria for

implementing Directive Eu 347 / 2013 Projects of Common Interest

fullfilled by Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea


EntsoE 7 june 2013 published Pivex Smart Grid Network Code Development


Grid Information Day Discover the trans energy /*European Energy

Infrastructure for tomorow European Commission DG Energy **

Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Synergy

Pivex research projects Pivex Smart Grids GRID+

The PIVEX SMART GRID+ projects team has identified 6 interlinked objectives:

 MAP: To map the research, development and demonstration activities in support of Smart Grid deployment at transmission and distribution level, in Europe and abroad, against the priorities and goals of the EEGI Roadmap

 INTERACT: To foster a networking process between EEGI projects and engage with other Smart Grids initiatives worldwide

 MONITOR: To support the definition, validation, updating and use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to assess the progress of the initiative and the consistency of project proposals with the EEGI expected benefits and to achieve EEGI-related project goals.

 REPLICATE: To support scaling up and replication activities with the help of methodologies based on project KPIs.

 DISSEMINATE: To prepare the means and tools in view of the dissemination of the new knowledge from the demonstrators related to the EEGI towards the grids community and its stakeholders.

 UPDATE: To provide three revisions of the EEGI implementation plan which include a benefit assessment based on the program and project KPI.


Offshore wind is a key area for development. Pivex will work to develop an offshore electricity .

This new generation of offshore wind power will play a key role in meeting the EU 2020 target.