Pivex Smart Grid TYNDP Connecting Europe Facility

PIVEX SMART GRID ENERGY SKY POS TRANSPORT 7 Dec 2014 Brussels Entsoe Entsog Following the European Parliament and of the Council on guidelines for

trans European energy infrastructure and repealing Decision 1364/2006/EC

  (COM(2011) 658) Brussels, July 2012 Pivex smart Grid fulfills the

eligibility requirements

Pivex Smart Grid with the Support of European Commission, with
following privileged  High Level Participation:

America Chamber of Commerce Georgia
Batumi Oil Terminal Georgia
Black Oil and Gas Limited
BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Georgia
British Embassy Tbilisi
The British Georgia Chamber of Commerce London
Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Georgia
Cross Caspian Oil Gas Logistics
Energy Intelligence
Embassy of the Republic Azerbaijan to Georgia
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey
EU Delegation to Georgia
Georgian Investment Agency
Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit
Georgian National Energy Water Supply Commission
Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation
Gulf Oil and Gas
Hohner Automation
Iteca Caspian
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia
Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources Georgia
Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012, Pivex Platform J05/1464/1996
Pivex Energy Municipality
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic SOCAR
The State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources
State Agency for Investments and National Projects of Ukraine
Private Stock Company Ukraine International Airlines
US Agency for International Development USAID
White Stream Pipeline Company



Pivex Smart Grid would like tu use agriculture imagery in sattelite
agriculture lands monitoring.

Pivex Smart Grid Company Descriptions
Global Oil Gas Black Sea Mediterranean Africa

Pivex Smart Grid

Proposed speaker name, job title and company name and contact details:
Iulia Platona
President Pivex Smart Grid

Title of presentation
Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Mediterranean Oil Gas Entsoe Entsog Papers

presented also within Giogie, Oil Gas Energy&Infrastructure Conference
2012, Georgia 2016 Grecia

Pivex Smart Grid BSM-ENTSOE-ENTSOG (Black Sea Mediteranean  Entsoe Entsog
European Network for Transmission System Operators) & national TSOs and
their related grid developmet and investment plan as important new tools
for coordination.www.pivexplatformblacksea.eu

In Pivex BSM-ENTSOE-ENTSOG (Black Sea Mediteranean  Entsoe Entsog European
Network for Transmission System Operators) & national TSOs and the
regional cooperation within Pivex BSM
ENTSOE-ENTSOG) a working group was created 13 april 2011, Eusew European
Commission, organised by Pivex Smart Grid President Iulia Platona, WG
activities offshore, onshore developments (operational market regulatory
issues) Black Sea regional Group under the System Development committee,
which will also work for solutions, to the remaining TSO-related questions
concerning onshore offshore grid development in the Black Sea
Mediterranean region.

Respecting the EC Support activities for the development of maritime
clusters in the Mediterranean and Black Sea,
Mediterranean Sea – geographical scope of maritime cooperation,  growth
potential of maritime businesses in the Mediterranean, Adriatic-Ionian and
Black Seas.
Pivex Smart Grid received the confirmation from the Med-Emip Mediterranean
Integration Project Egypt, having the privilege of mail confirmation as
speaker from the very honored Med Emip Director Egypt 2011.
MED-EMIP - energy cooperation-A platform for energy policy dialogue and
exchange of experiences, leading to enhanced Euro-Med cooperation,
integration of the energy markets and improved security and sustainability

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Occupied
Palestinian Territory, Syria*, Tunisia, Turkey






Pivex BSMERI (Pivex Black Sea Mediterranean electric gas regional
initiative established 7 years ago, will play the coordinating role for
Smart Grids Energy Integration, under Pivex Smart Grid J5-1626 /2012, and
Pivex Platform J05/1464/1996.

Following the Black Sea Mediterranean Energy Gas Integration, is a
regional initiative for the development of the Pivex Smart Grid Energy Gas
Production and Transport Network Black Sea Mediterranean presented DG
Energy, Intelligent Energy Europe, Entsoe, Entsog by Pivex Smart Grid



Pivex Smart Grid would like tu use agriculture imagery in sattelite
agriculture lands monitoring


Pivex Smart Grid J5 1626 intention is to sell the Pivex Sky project


 inviting for joint venture with the society Pivex Smart Grid Romanian Commerce Register J5/1626/201

being the society that presented with the support of the European Commission in Georgia  

the electricity gas initiative Pivex Black Sea Caspian , with the participation of the Ministeries and Embassies in the Black Sea Caspian Region

the buyers are respectfully invited to send buying offer to the email adress president@pivexplatformblacksea.eu Iulia Platona



Iulia Platona being involved in Pivex firms, producing renewable energy, and ecologic agriculture

Pivex Smart Grid Societies President Iulia Platona, sends respectfully invitation in cluster partnership in Pivex smart houses reuniting research partnerships, solar, wind  industry producers 

interested stakeholders https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2zs5bXpvVw4b19DdHE0TGY1ZVk/edit

together  with business turistic activities in own Deceneu named agroturtic hotel in Livezi, Hatagel, Prislop region of Saint Arsenie Boca, Prislop Monastery 

Busteni Pivex Conference Center in vicinity of Caraiman Monastery Busteni Prahova County and Saint Mary Monastery Constanta County  with Heaven Prayers of Priest Arsenie Papacioc

+Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012 Black Sea  is contributing to

the implementation of the energy infrastructure priority corridors and

priority thematic areas, including Smart Grids deployment (article 4 point

1/ I (10))5


+Fulfills the minimum technical requirements reported in Annex IV (1)(e)

of the Regulation proposal


+Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012 is significantly contributing to the six

specific functions (these functions

are indicated as 'services' in [EC Task Force for Smart Grids 2010]) of

the "ideal" Smart Grid (article 4 point 2c)


+Pivex Smart Grid fulfills the performance indicators (KPIs), as detailed

in annex IV (4).


+The potential benefits of the Pivex Smart Grid project assessed according

to the proposed criteria and


KPI soutweigh its costs (article 4 point 1b)


+Pivex Smart Grid respects the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS

Pivex Smart Grid Proposed projects comply with the following minimum

technical requirements

+Pivex Smart Grid is implemented at a voltagelevelof 10kV or more


+ Pivex Smart Grid Involving at least two Member States (MS), either by

directly crossing the border of one or more MS or by being located on

the territory of one MS and having significant cross border impact;

involve transmission and distribution operators from at least two MS


+Pivex Smart Grid is Covering at least 100,000 users (producers,

consumers and prosumers)


+Pivex Smart Grid is Focusing on a consumption area of at least 300

GWh/year, of which at least 20% originate from non dispatchable resources


Pivex Smart Grid Level of sustainability


1)Reduction of greenhouse emissions


2)Environmental impact of electricity grid infrastructure


Pivex Smart Grid Capacity of transmission and distribution grids to

connect and bring electricity from and to users


1)Installed capacity of distributed energy resources in distribution



2)Allowable maximum injection of electricity without congestion risks in

transmission networks


3)Energy not withdrawn from renewable sources due to congestion or

security risks


Pivex Smart Grid Network connectivity and access to entire categories of

network users


1)Methods adopted to calculate charges and tariffs, as well as their

structure, for  generators, consumers and those that do both


2) Pivex Smart Grid has Operational flexibility provided for dynamic

balancing of electricity in the network


Pivex Smart Grid Security and quality of supply


1)Ratio of reliably available generation capacity and peak demand


2)Share of electricity generated from renewable sources


3)Stability of the electricity system


4)Duration and frequency of interruptions per customer, including

climate related disruptions


5)Voltage quality performance


Pivex Smart Grid Efficiency and service quality in electricity supply

and grid operation


1)Ratio between minimum and maximum electricity demand with in a defined

time period


2)Demand side participation in electricity markets and in energy

efficiency measures


3)Percentage utilisation (i.e. average loading) of electricity network



4)Availability of network components (related to planned and unplanned

maintenance) and its impact on network performances


5)Actual availability of network capacity with respect to its standard value


Pivex Smart Grid Contribution to crossborder electricity markets by load


Pivex Smart Grid flow control to alleviate loop flows and increase

interconnection capacities


1)Ratio between interconnection capacity of a Member State and its

electricity demand


2)Exploitation of interconnection capacities


3)Congestion rents across interconnections


Open Consultation about  Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea TYNDP Upgrade and

Update,Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea, intends to upgrade update the Entso-e

Ten Years Network Development Plan, TYNDP, RD Entso, according to Pivex

Smart Grid Black Sea RoadMap Pivex Black Sea Mediterranean, public

transparently presented within Eusew 2009;2010;2011;2012;2013 respecting

the procedure for stakeholder consultations, reaching the consulted final

version Pivex Eusew 2013




Please find the summary of the consultations, Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea

Mediterranean, (Oil Gaz Infrastructure High Level Conference Tbilisi where

were presented the major gaz energy projects (Southern gaz coridor,

Agri, Pivex Smart Grid was presented and legitimised as the majour gaz

energy project for the Black Sea Region,Cross Caspian Black Sea, publiced

in the major gaz energy projects oil gaz energy infrastructure

publication with participants  Ministries of Energy,Ministeries of Foreign

Affairs, speaker President Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626 Iulia Platona,

legitimised and presented together with the major gaz energy world

projects. Pivex Smart Grid has consulted, respecting the EC procedure the

Entire OceanEC, funded  projects. Pivex having the privilege to consult

G20 Summit Sankt Peterburgh Russian Federation Consultation February 2013,


2009-2013, reaching the final version Eusew June 2013 High Level Policy

Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Pivex Onshore&  Offhore Grid Pivex Black Sea

Mediterranean  Arab Africa Oil Gaz Energy Supervision Pivex Memorandum of

Understanding 25 March 2013




PIVEX BSENTSO-E (PIVEX Black Sea European Network for Transmission System

Operators) & national TSOs and the regional cooperation within PIVEX

BSENTSO-E and their related grid development and investment plan as

important new tools for coordination. In PIVEX BSENTSO-E a working group

on renewable will be created. One of its activities will be on offshore

developments (operational, market, regulatory issues). The planning issues

will be dealt with in the Black Sea regional group under the System

Development committee, which will  work for solutions to the remaining

TSO-related questions concerning offshore grid development in the Black Seas.


- PIVEX BSERI (PIVEX Black Sea Electricity Regional Initiative) under

Pivex Platform J05/1464/6.12.1996, Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012,

www.pivexplatformblacksea.eu, in the Black Sea Region which will play the

coordinating role for Smart Grids Energy Integration Pivex Platform BlackSea                                                                                          


- Pivex Platform Working Groups, established by President Iulia Platona, TEN-E

(Black Sea Trans-European Networks for Electricity) European coordinator

for connections of offshore renewable energy power in Eastern Europe

(Black Seas and the Baltic Sea). The Pivex Smart Grid , aims to improve

the process of regional integration of electricity markets and achieving

further steps in the field of security of electricity supply.

www.pivexplatformblacksea.eu, president@pivexplatformblacksea.eu


Pivex Platform J05 / 1484 / 6.12.1996, private public partnerships Pivex

Smart Grid J5/1626/2012 develops for the Pivex Energy Municipality CUI

28090097, network of municipalities, integrated projects for the Black Sea

Cooperation. Following the Black Sea Synergy, Pivex Platform Smart Grids

Energy Integration is a regional intiative for the development of the

Pivex Platform










The draft Regulation identifies "Smart Grids deployment" among the

proposed 12 priorities, with the objective to adopt Smart Grid

technologies across the Union

to efficiently integrate the behaviour and actions of entire users

connected to the electricity network, in particular the generation of

large amounts of electricity from renewable or distributed energy sources

and demand response by consumersIn Romania's foreign policy the Black Sea

region represents one of the basic priorities, having in mind the

geo-strategic position of Romania to the Danube river and the Black Sea,

in the vicinity of the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and the Central

Asia, the radical democratic changes in various Black Sea states, the

economic potential of the respective region, especially oil and natural

gas, the diversity of cultural, religious and social traditions-  of them

are the most relevant parameters envisaged by Romania, while engaging in

Pivex Smart Grid comprehensive cooperation with the countries of this



kind regards

Iulia Platona



Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea, Mediterranean



Between, 29-december 2009- 29 january 2014 Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea,

Caspian, Mediterranean, Africa stakeholders consultation have succesfully

fullfilled the Pivex Smart Grid Oil Gaz Energy stakeholders involvement

Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/, Pivex Platform J5/1626/2012 open, transparent

consultations (EUSEW 2009-2013, High Level Policy Conferences Participation,

Online Consultations,2009-2013 Public Consultations EC, Entsoe, Entsog)

29 december 2013-29 january 2014 regarding inforce entry

funding 2014 Connecting Europe Facility European Investment Bank Funding,

POSCCE Funding Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012,



Eusew 2009-2013-Energy Days in Brussels, High Level Policy Pivex Smart Grid

Black Sea Pivex Onshore& Offhore Grid Pivex Black Sea Mediterranean Arab

Africa Oil Gaz Energy Supervision Pivex Memorandum of Understanding 25

March 2013 www.pivexplatformblacksea.eu property rights Pivex Smart Grid

J5/1626/2012 Pivex Platform J5/1464/1996 Iulia Platona

Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626 TYNDP Oil Gaz Energy Upgrade Update, Funding

Connecting Europe Facility




During EUSEW 2009-2013Iulia Platona, Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626, Pivex Platform has

fullfiled the procedures requested by European Commission, regarding

transparency indicators, stakeholders involvement,  diplomatic

invitations, high level conferences Pivex Smart Grid president Iulia

Platona representations, participations, together with consultations sent

by email to Embassies, ministries, energy stakeholders

Danube, Black Sea, Caspian, Mediterranean, Africa stakeholders  by Iulia

Platona- president Pivex Smart Grid ( stakeholders involvement 29 december 2013 -29

january 2014)


Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Mediterranean, transmits the gratitude for the

privileged very honored High Level Policy Ministeries, Embassies

involvement, with the support of European Commission, within the Pivex

Smart Grid Consultation 29 december 2009 29 january 2014

Pivex Smart Grid Stakeholders consultation Oil Gaz Energy previously

transparently presented within European Union Eusew 2009-2013 Entsoe EntsoG


Pivex Smart Grid president Iulia Platona has sent the invitations for

online consultation Pivex Smart grid oil gaz energy Black Sea

Mediterranean investment synergy Elegantly diplomacy Pivex Smart Grid

working groups, invitations, succefully diplomatic ministery involvement

for the 29 january 2014 event regarding the Memorandum of Funding Pivex

Smart Grid Black Sea Mediterran Africa Eusew  High Level Policy Conference

PIVEX Smart Grid 26 June 2014 with the support of European Commission



BSENTSO-E (PIVEX Black Sea European Network for Transmission System

Operators) & national TSOs and the regional cooperation within PIVEX

BSENTSO-E related grid development Pivex Smart Grids Black Sea

J05/1464/1996, Pivex Smart Grid J05/1626/2012 investment plan

coordination. PIVEX BSENTSO-E working groups.One of the Pivex activities

is offshore developments (operational, market, regulatory issues).

The Pivex Black Sea-Mediterranean regions group coordinated under

the System Development committee, which works for solutions t TSO-related

offshore grid development oil-gaz-energy Black Seas,Mediterranean Seas

Harmonised Pivex Integrated Monitoring Capability,fulfills the safety and

long term stability and realibility safety requirements