Pivex Smart Grid Entsoe Entsog Consultations

 Black Sea Mediterraean Region

Pivex Smart Grid J5 1626 intention is invite for partnership within the Pivex Sky project eligible beneficiary Oradea Airport Consortium


 inviting for partnership and  joint venture with the society Pivex Smart Grid Romanian Commerce Register J5/1626/201

presented with the support of the European Commission in Georgia  

the electricity gas initiative Pivex Black Sea Caspian , with the participation of the Ministeries and Embassies in the Black Sea Caspian Region

the buyers are respectfully invited to send buying offer to the email adress president@pivexplatformblacksea.eu Iulia Platona



Iulia Platona being involved in Pivex societies producing renewable energy and ecologic agriculture 

Pivex Smart Grid Societies President Iulia Platona, sends respectfuly invitation in cluster partnership in Pivex smart houses reuniting research partnerships, solar, wind  industry producers 

interested stakeholders Establishment of Pivex long-term vision with clear objectives, corelated with policies & measures applicable to the Pivex Integrated Sustainable investments SIE Pivex Black Sea The vision: towards Pivex Smart Grid  sustainable energy future, Setting objectives and targets PIVEX SMART GRID POS TRANSPORT SKY

Pivex Smart Grid Societies President Iulia Platona, sends respectfully invitation in cluster partnership in Pivex smart houses reuniting research partnerships, solar, wind  industry producers 

interested stakeholders https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2zs5bXpvVw4b19DdHE0TGY1ZVk/edit

together with business turistic activities with Heaven Prayers of Priest Arsenie Papacioc

 Black Sea Mediterranean Region

Between, 29-december 2009- 29 january 2014 Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea,

Caspian, Mediterranean,  stakeholders consultation have succesfully

fullfilled the Pivex Smart Grid Oil Gaz Energy stakeholders involvement

Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/, Pivex Platform J5/1626/2012 open, transparent

consultation 29 december 2013-29 january 2014 regarding inforce entry

funding 2014 Connecting Europe Facility European Investment Bank Funding,

POSCCE Funding Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012

Eusew 2013-Energy Days in Brussels, High Level Policy Pivex Smart Grid

Black Sea Pivex Onshore& Offhore Grid Pivex Black Sea Mediterranean Arab

Africa Oil Gaz Energy Supervision Pivex Memorandum of Understanding 25

March 2013 www.pivexplatformblacksea.eu property rights Pivex Smart Grid

J5/1626/2012 Pivex Platform J5/1464/1996 Iulia Platona

Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626 TYNDP Oil Gaz Energy Upgrade Update, Funding

Connecting Europe Facility

EUSEW 2009-2013Iulia Platona, Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626, Pivex Platform has

fullfiled the procedures requested by European Commission, regarding

transparency indicators, stakeholders involvement,  diplomatic

invitations, high level conferences Pivex Smart Grid president Iulia

Platona representations, participations, together with consultations sent

by email to Embassies, ministries, energy stakeholders

Danube, Black Sea, Caspian, Mediterranean, Africa stakeholders  by Iulia

Platona- president at Pivex Smart Grid between the 29 december 2013 -29

january 2014

The 29 december 2013-29 january 2014 open consultation  Pivex Smart Grid

investments oil gaz energy Danube,  Black Sea,Caspian, Mediterranean,

Africa, has given the entire rights of property to Iulia Platona and Pivex

Smart Grid J5/1626/2012 and Pivex Platform J05/1464/1996 funding

Connecting Europe Facility, Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012 TYNDP Entsoe

Entsog Upgrade Update, Funding European Investment Bank, together with

POSCCE Scada satellite securing energy infrastructure supervission, Pivex

Smart Grid J5/1626/2012 Oil, Gaz, energy transport pipelines, oil, gaz

energy production


Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Mediterranean, transmits the gratitude for the

privileged very honored High Level Policy Ministeries, Embassies

involvement, with the support of European Commission, within the Pivex

Smart Grid Consultation 29 december 2013 29 january 2014

Pivex Smart Grid Stakeholders consultation Oil Gaz Energy previously

transparently presented within European Union Eusew 2009-2013 Entsoe EntsoG


Pivex Smart Grid president Iulia Platona has sent the invitations for

online consultation Pivex Smart grid oil gaz energy Black Sea

Mediterranean investment synergy Elegantly diplomacy Pivex Smart Grid

working groups, invitations, succefully diplomatic ministery involvement

for the 29 january 2014 event regarding the Memorandum of Funding Pivex

Smart Grid Black Sea Mediterran Africa Eusew  High Level Policy Conference

PIVEX Smart Grid 26 June 2014 with the support of European Commission


BSENTSO-E (PIVEX Black Sea European Network for Transmission System

Operators) & national TSOs and the regional cooperation within PIVEX

BSENTSO-E related grid development Pivex Smart Grids Black Sea

J05/1464/1996, Pivex Smart Grid J05/1626/2012 investment plan

coordination. PIVEX BSENTSO-E working groups.One of the Pivex activities

is offshore developments (operational, market, regulatory issues).

The Pivex Black Sea-Mediterranean regions group coordinated under

the System Development committee, which works for solutions t TSO-related

offshore grid development oil-gaz-energy Black Seas,Mediterranean Seas

Harmonised Pivex Integrated Monitoring Capability,fulfills the safety and

long term stability and realibility safety requirements





The Integrated Pivex Smart Grids Black Sea,Mediterranean Sea -long term

safe Pivex System of Monitoring of Good Security of Pivex Energy

Infrastructure Black Sea,  utilises  network of global positioning

satellites to tell exactly where the machine are.


Pivex Smart Grid security features like geo-fencing and engine lock to

ensure that the Pivex equipment is only operated in a determined area and

during designated days and times, Satellite-based Vessel Monitoring System


The European Union (EU) has been at the forefront of the move to use

satellite to monitor fishing activities.The aim of the Pivex Smart Grid

Technology Clusters GRID+ project is to implement and support the

management, planning and networking process of the Pivex Smart Grid, Pivex

Offshore Grid over the years 2014-2020, both within and beyond European

borders. In line with the requirements of the energy Pivex Smart Grids

Network of projects developing the future European Electricity Networks),

the coordination action will contribute to maximise the effectiveness of

the Pivex Technology clusters by reinforcing the cooperation among key

actors of the initiative, increasing the visibility, co-operation and

impact of the projects funded at EU and local level, and providing the

necessary identity and visibility for the Pivex Technology Clusters


The 29 december 2013-29 january 2014 consultation means the final process

of the open constation fullfilled by Pivex Smart Grid 2009-2014 Eusew with

the support of European Commission Entsoe Entsog Pivex Smart Grid

Investments private public partnerships openm transparent stakeholders

involvement -Pivex Smart Grid Standardization Mandate Pivex Smart Grid

Black Sea, project of strategic interest of EU, respecting the European

Parliament and of the Council guidelines for trans European energy

infrastructure Decision 1364/2006/EC (COM(2011) 658) Brussels, July 2012

Funding Memorandum of Understanding Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/2012

Eusew Pivex Smart Grid White Stream South Stream consortiums updated

respecting the Entsoe Entsog Eu Network Code