Infobox Pivex Eusew 2009-2014

Very Honored Sirs, Excellencies, Pivex Smart Grid President Iulia Platona,

transmits the gratitude for the distinguished EC Commission, European

Council, European Parliament, High Level Policy

Ministries, Embassies support for the Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Danube

Mediterranean cooperation, Memorandum of funding Pivex Smart Grid,

presented with the support of European Commission, Eusew, European Union

Sustainable Energy

Pivex Smart Grid Black Sea Mediterranean, transmits the gratitude for the

privileged very honored High Level Policy Ministeries, Embassies

involvement, with the support of European Commission, within the Pivex

Smart Grid Consultation 29 december 2009- 29 january 2014

Pivex Smart Grid Stakeholders consultation Oil Gaz Energy previously

transparently presented within European Union Eusew 2009-2013 Entsoe EntsoG


Pivex Smart Grid president Iulia Platona has sent the invitations for

online consultation Pivex Smart grid oil gaz energy Black Sea

Mediterranean investment synergy Elegantly diplomacy Pivex Smart Grid

working groups, invitations, succefully diplomatic ministery involvement

for the 29 january 2014 event regarding the Memorandum of Funding Pivex

Smart Grid Black Sea Mediterran Africa Eusew  High Level Policy Conference

PIVEX Smart Grid 26 June 2014 with the support of European Commission


BSENTSO-E (PIVEX Black Sea European Network for Transmission System

Operators) & national TSOs and the regional cooperation within PIVEX

BSENTSO-E related grid development Pivex Smart Grids Black Sea

J05/1464/1996, Pivex Smart Grid J05/1626/2012 investment plan

coordination. PIVEX BSENTSO-E working groups.One of the Pivex activities

is offshore developments (operational, market, regulatory issues).

The Pivex Black Sea-Mediterranean regions group coordinated under

the System Development committee, which works for solutions t TSO-related

offshore grid development oil-gaz-energy Black Seas,Mediterranean Seas

Harmonised Pivex Integrated Monitoring Capability,fulfills the safety and

long term stability and realibility safety requirements