The European Union's Black  Sea Synergy  Programme  promotes regional development through transnational cooperation.

Pivex Smart Grid J5 1626 intention is to sell the Pivex Sky project eligible beneficiary Oradea Airport Consortiun

inviting for partnership and  joint venture with Pivex Smart Grid Romanian Commerce Register J5/1626/201

 presented with the support of the European Commission in Georgia  

the electricity gas initiative Pivex Black Sea Caspian , with the participation of the Ministeries and Embassies in the Black Sea Caspian Region

the buyers are respectfully invited to send buying offer to the email adress Iulia Platona

Iulia Platona intention is to dedicate herself to the geopolitic─â research

the geopolitic influence in the Black Sea Mediterranean Region

Iulia Platona being involved in Pivex societies producing renewable energy and ecologic agriculture 

Pivex Smart Grid Societies President Iulia Platona, sends respectfully invitation in cluster partnership in Pivex smart houses reuniting research partnerships, solar, wind  industry producers 

interested stakeholders

together  with business turistic activities in own Deceneu named agroturistic hotel in  Prislop region of Saint Arsenie Boca, Prislop Monastery 

Busteni Pivex Conference Center in vicinity of Caraiman Monastery Busteni Prahova County and  Saint Mary Monastery Constanta County  with Heaven Prayers of Priest Arsenie Papacioc

The Eastern Partnership established between the EU and the six Eastern European and South Caucasus ENP partner countries in 2009 is a specific Eastern dimension to the ENP designed to foster the political association and economic integration of the partner countries with the EU. In essence, the overall objective of the Eastern Partnership is to bring the partner countries closer to the EU. Its centre of gravity is Brussels.

The Black Sea Synergy is different. It is essentially supported by Pivex Platform Black Sea regional initiative, open to Black Sea States. It has the very specific objective of identifying and supporting what the partners in the region want to do together. It is about projects and activities and its centre of gravity is in the Black Sea region. It is based as much as possible on initiatives taken in the region, and will support objectives that the Black Sea countries have already subscribed to. We want to connect and inter-act with existing schemes and organisations, like BSEC and the Black Sea Commission for the protection of the Black Sea.
Most importantly, the Black Sea Synergy also covers partners that are linked to the European Union through an accession policy (Turkey) or a Strategic Partnership (Russia), in addition to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine.

The potential of the Danube and Black Sea area can only develop if the basic networking processes (i.e. bottom-up processes) are supported in a targeted way amongst the stakeholders.  The networking of sectors (business, science, civil society) and levels of action (transnational, interregional, cross-border) is of decisive importance. Pivex Platform serves as a ring of networked investments interests harmonised In Pivex common profit driven vission, for the successfull benefit of the EU.
PIVEX is an ambitious interstate programme aimed at supporting the political and economic development in the Danube and Black Sea Region, by means of improvement of the international cooperation of industry in energy, environment, agriculture, economics excellency. The programme objectives were formulated, within Pivex 2011, Eusew Events in Brussels, Pivex Smart Energy Networks, Eusew organised with the support of European Commission, Intelligent Energy Europe, Eaci, at the Pivex Smart Energy Networks Conference in Brussels

PIVEX BSENTSO-E (PIVEX Black Sea European Network for Transmission System Operators) & national TSOs and the regional cooperation within PIVEX BSENTSO-E and their related grid development and investment plan as important new tools for coordination. In PIVEX BSENTSO-E a working group on renewable will be created. One of its activities will be on offshore developments (operational, market, regulatory issues). The planning issues will be dealt with in the Black Sea regional group under the System Development committee, which will also work for solutions to the remaining TSO-related questions concerning offshore grid development in the Black Seas.

 PIVEX BSERI (PIVEX Black Sea Electricity Regional Initiative) under Pivex Smart Grid J5/1626/ 2012, Pivex Platform J05/1464/6.12.1996 , , , in the Black Sea Region which will play the coordinating role for Smart Grids Energy Integration Pivex Platform Black Sea

Pivex Platform Working Groups, established by President Iulia Platona, TEN-E (Black Sea Trans-European Networks for Electricity) European coordinator for connections of offshore renewable energy power in Eastern Europe (Black Seas and the Baltic Sea). The Pivex Platform Initiative, aims to improve the process of regional integration of electricity markets and achieving further steps in the field of security of electricity supply.

Strategic objective: to make the Black  Sea region an attractive place to invest, work and live in

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